In the beginning...


... there was me, there was you.  We were there.  Where are we now?  

I've been on this journey back to myself for the last 5 years.  I just learned this coincided with the start of my Saturn Return (but more on that later). 

The journey and the learning continue. Learn more about magnetoceptors here.

My intention for this space is a place where I can keep record of all the gems I've unearthed on my journey.  But as much as it is mine, it is yours too.  I hope these tools may prove useful and serve you as they have me. 

Five years is a long time to go back, and let's face it, we're ultimately going back further than that.  So I think the best place to start is now.  I'm sure the lessons of the past will show up to continue to guide our voyage as they are needed.

There is just so much out there. So much to learn and so many wonderful, knowledgeable, giving teachers to learn from. In recording these experiences and practices here, we can revisit the lessons. 

It has come up many times in my teachings over the last five years, that when you get the call, it is your duty to show up and share.

I don't claim to be an expert in any of the subjects I will write about, so please take anything as a starting point for yourself and start your journey under proper guidance.  

I must, at this time of my very first post, express gratitude to my friend Travis Collier, for his guidance and knowledge and this perfect icon for @magnetoceptors.

I am the eternal student. Deep bows.