According to @astrotwins via @mindbodygreen, today's Harvest Moon was the perfect time for me to launch this passion project. Even better because it's in Aries, which is my sign. 

It really is the right time to "harvest" it as well - as I really committed to making this happen back in March 2017 - before the Aries New Moon. The time is ripe for releasing (journal writing), cleansing (crystals under the moonlight, energy through burning sage or palo santo, your aura through an epsom salt bath) or taking action (a seed you have planted, something calling you?). 

Besides launching my blog, I practiced an elevating kundalini kriya I found on @prophetasonic's Instagram feed. This was a new one for me, all about realigning and balancing.  It felt just right.  In fact at one point, my hands felt so full, but I realized it was not a burdensome feeling, but bountiful. I burned palo santo and just allowed myself to have the experience.  I have been fighting a cold all week, so it actually felt like an escape!

What are your favourite rituals for the full moon? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Deanna Fong