It’s what we are. Just ask Bryonie Wise aka @heartroars.

I can’t tell you about the day I first came across Bryonie’s writing via Instagram. All I can say is one day she showed up in those little squares and I felt held. I felt like I could put everything down for a minute, you know? Like she got it, and she was showing up with marshmallows and blankets and warm mugs of something delicious and we were going to sort whatever out and everything was going to be ok. In a world where so many of us are doing so much, this feeling is a rare gift.

We live on opposite ends (pretty much) of the country, but as soon as I heard I would be travelling to her city for a conference, I knew I had to pay her a visit - heart, bones and all. In trying to explain what made Bryonie so special to my colleagues travelling with me, I shared how reading her words was like sitting at the foot of The Mother, your sister and your best friend.

When I came I wanted to bring her a little piece of West Coast Love as an offering in thanks for all she does - all she puts out into the world so that people like me from near and far can feel like we got this. Of course, part of the visit would have to be to soak in one of her classes that I was sure would be divine. I was not disappointed.

Let me first say how open and welcoming Bryonie was, and truly worked with me to find a fit for my jam-packed agenda - even being willing to arrange a private session if none of her classes worked out. In the end I decided to stay an extra night in the city, just so I could come see her at Kula Annex.

Bryonie’s Reiki Restorative class was a relaxing dream - her words took me deeper, made me lighter. Magical sounds joined me for the journey. Her accompanying reiki practitioners guided me along, all the way back to Vancouver the next day.

Intrigued, upon returning home, I signed up for Bryonie’s writing ritual course HIWWA - Human is What We Are. I don’t know that I would ever call myself much of a writer. (But I think I’m good at crafting concise emails, and I have quite the soft spot for alliterations.) Writing on this blog is more of a way for me to convey information. So this was a great exercise in trying something new and reaching deeper to see what I might find. Turns out, the timing was perfect.

HIWWA is a daily practice of guided writing exercises (a writing sadhana if you will), in which Bryonie subtly steers you down paths perhaps unknown. Her trademark illustrative, palpable prose is the backdrop to your own exploration.

I struggle with maintaining consistency sometimes, and this was no exception. So, I fell a few days behind. And that was ok! I wrote mostly in the mornings before the rest of the household had awoken. Sometimes it was for the full time, others I just let the pen flow and finish as I allowed myself to be a conduit for whatever needed to come up.

Somehow I never ended up doing the last day, until this week! I won’t spoil anything for you, but don’t wait like me - it was such a treat.

I just went back over my writing for the previous days, and I can see even more clearly what a gift this was, and Bryonie is. I have a body of work that was so cathartic for what I was going through at the time - a historical record of my thoughts and musings. To have a glimpse back at the woman I was is priceless. We are still working through those things.

My HIWWA writing evolved into part of my (ir)regular sadhana. I aim to keep my journal with me so I can quickly transcribe what is channeled through the still mornings. Mostly one or two lines, but they’re golden. Those shimmering lights out of the darkness.

My pain is your pain. My goals and hopes and dreams are yours too. Let us awaken. Let us peel back the layers of hurt, of blindness. Of separateness. Let us heal this. Let us live in joy. The best version of our experience here. Let us awaken.
— Magnetoceptors

Perhaps you are seeking your light too? Lucky you - a new round of HIWWA starts November 1st!

Check out all the details here and #followyourinnercompass!

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