Last week's Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Capricorn offered me a chance to reflect on the first half of this year - lessons learned, experiences, and growth.

As for many of us, I'm sure, the past 6 months have been full of challenge, fierce love, strong (thankfully) foundations, grit, determination and hope.

I have continued to focus on my theme of grounding this year, through mindfulness practices (MindWell U's Take 5 for one) and self care.  My meditation game started strong, but admittedly fell by the wayside.  I have been training for another half marathon, and even that took a back seat as my energies were required elsewhere and my immune system took a beating.

I spent Summer Solstice recharging at the Dharma Temple and recommitted myself to daily sadhana - so I signed up for 40 days of Prosperity and Magnetism with Mantras and Miracles. This felt like a potent time to recommit to my practices and to myself so that I can continue to be present and meet the demands of life in this time and space!  I tell you, I feel better already.  More grounded. Confident. Reconnected to my power. Capable.

Looking back to the beginning of the year, I set some intentions under the New Moon, and it has been interesting reflecting back to see how these desires have come to fruition:

Ultimately, my dream is to learn, practice and share methods to care for ourselves, each other and the planet. I will do this by offering practices and goods that support this lifestyle and inspire others. This will, and does offer me a life of abundance so that I am fulfilling my destiny and building my legacy.
— Magnetoceptors

Through this blog and Instagram page, I've shared some great reading, useful practices and inspiration.  I have achieved half my goal of attending at least two beach clean ups this year! 

Still coming along is getting back to my youth and roots as a maker.  My sister and I used to endlessly create as kids.  I was a crafty teen.  We didn't know that "arts and crafts" was a thing - we just called it "making"!  I love the creative process and designing and making beautiful and useful pieces.  One area I want to focus on is jewelry.  Inspired by Mantras and Miracles, Chalice Grove and Dharma Malas, I would love to grow this hobby into a true offering to others.  My dream would be to turn my passion for "making" into a way I could give back to so many causes near to my heart.

Last year I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at the Dharma Temple by Guru Singh.  The experience was inspiring, informative and elevating.  One of the things that stood out the most to me was (and I'm paraphrasing) - that if your current path is not allowing you to serve your true purpose and share your message, to give yourself a long runway.  I took this to mean, not to put pressure on yourself to change things overnight.  I do believe I am on my long runway.  

The picture of this post is a mala I created.  I used a couple of sources to help with the design and planning - the Chopra Center and Yoga Digest. I wanted to make this mala to support my grounding work I had set for the year.  Note, I used 8mm beads and following the direction for 5 feet of cord, I had to improvise and create each side separately and then join them.  This is a long mala!  I would recommend using 6mm beads and twice that length of cord. I had chosen this smoky quartz (check out this very informative article on Energy Muse) rather than a tassel to anchor my practice.  I chose beads of Serpentine to channel my Kundalini energy, and black lava for courage and strength. I chanted the Mul Mantra while creating this piece - for all three hours it took me! All in all it was a true passion project of finding the right pieces and sitting down to do the work.

I am grateful to have this reset at this time of year, to reflect on this first half and plan for the next.  I am grateful to my family, my friends, my teachers, my community for supporting me on this journey.  Sat Nam!


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